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EDITING SHAMROCK ROSE AND THISTLE Ancestors of Jean Elizabeth Mathews

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MATHEWS -                                                  McAUGHTRIE

Dublin Ireland                                               Ayrshire

England                                                          Houston

Boston                                                            Cowan                                                                                                                                                                Durham England                                          Lotimer

Montreal Canada                                 Check the others    



New Zealand

FLEMING  Dublin                                                  

Dunnill   Sheffield            

Douglas  Glasgow             Double check order

Douglas  Kilmarnock




                                                               NEED MARRIAGE DATES

Bell  (Me)   (Lower Hutt NZ 1945)  

As I have travelled back in time through the six generations of the Mathews family, I have discovered some very interesting movements within two generations. Firstly within Britain,  from Ireland to England, John Gibbons Mathews and Mary Jane Fleming, who married in Dublin, 1845.
Their son Henry Maxwell David Mathews is christened in London, England in 1847.  In 1865 he marries his English Rose, Jane Dunnill, in Sheffield, Yorkshire.   Henry & Jane & their first two children, Alice & Frederick, move to Boston, U.S.A., where more children, including my grandfather, Robert Walter Mathews, (List names here)  (from census) were born by 1881.  By 1891, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Jane is a widow, and we discover another child, Victor, born around 1886, which is the year that Henry died (in Montreal). Have since discovered they they had another child in england, George, who died at only 5 months old.
Add on -  Family coming back after Henry,s death in 1886
In 1908, my grandfather Robert Mathews, appeared in Glasgow Scotland, where he married my grandmother, Scottish born Jane Dreghorn Douglas, a widow, who was born in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.  From her first marriage to Samuel Welsh, she already had three young children, Martin, Elizabeth & Mary Welsh. 
Robert & Jane's only son, Robert Walter Mathews, my father, was born in Glasgow, 1912. They also had a daughter, Florence.  Sometime in the early 1920's Robert & Jane Mathews travelled to New Zealand with my father, his sister Florence, and his step-sister Mary (May)Welsh.  Martin Welsh, Mary's brother, was already in New Zealand, and had encouraged them to join him there.  The eldest Welsh daughter, Elizabeth, remained in Scotland, where she was to marry and raise her family.

To The
in Scotland
To Me!!
In New Zealand

Here I might list all of the family names and variations I've found while researching my family tree.

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I may include a map of our family's place of origin in this area.