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EDITING SHAMROCK ROSE AND THISTLE Ancestors of Jean Elizabeth Mathews

Acknowledgements & Thanks

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I wish to offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to the many people who have assisted me so much in the course of researching my families.  I could never had done it without your help and encouragement.
In NZ, my two brothers Ian & Donald and my Watson, Allanson, Welsh & Smith cousins. 
In England, my 2nd Mathews cousins Brian & Mary Kneen, who showed me wonderful hospitality and a great time, Judy Sheward, another Mathews descendant & Pat Cook, a Dunnell descendant,  for information. My Kiwi friends Lyn & Neil Milestone,  for getting me "hooked" and then providing me with great hospitality and fun while I was in Sheffield.
In Scotland, Robert Hart, who with his wife Margaret, introduced me to so many of my McAughtrie & Watson relatives in New Cumnock, showed me great hospitality, and who took me to so many very special places,   Robert also provided me with a great number of wonderful old family photos.  Betha & Jim Robertson & John & Betty Wilson, and many more relatives in New Cumnock who made me so welcome in their homes and were so kind to me.
Jean & Tom Cochrane, Killearn,  from my Douglas family line, again for hospitality and kindness, photos (which I left behind)!!
Robert Guthrie, for his extremely informative New Cumnock Website - (amazingly helpful people in the message forum),  advice and information, and the gift of a very special book.
To fellow researchers and volunteers in the many genealogy message boards on Rootsweb that I suscribe to, my sincere thanks for all your advice and information.
Books Used in My Research
George Sanderson            New Cumnock Long Ago & Far Away
George Sanderson            Long Ago & Far Away
Donald McIver                     A Stroll Through The Historic Past of New Cumnock
Donald McIver                     Old New Cumnock
George & Mary Selwood   Black Avalanche
Last but not least, my own family and friends, for putting up with me rambling on and on about my obsession, and trying to stay polite and not look bored with me!!                            

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