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EDITING SHAMROCK ROSE AND THISTLE Ancestors of Jean Elizabeth Mathews

The Dunnell - Paulson Family

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Whitefield Watson

My Great-Grandmother JANE DUNNELL - born Sheffield, Yorkshire 28 January 1844
Jane was the daughter of Charles Dunnell and Catherine Paulson. She married Henry Maxwell David Mathews 15 December 1865, in St. Peter's Church in the Parish of Sheffield.  This church is now the Sheffield Cathedral.  
I visited UK in 2003 in an attempt to follow in the footsteps of my family. As part of the "Mathews/Dunnell" part of my journey, I visited various Yorkshire Villages and, of course,  the Sheffield Cathedral. 
As I was sitting in the Church, just soaking up the atmosphere, and picturing my Great-grandparents being married there all those years ago, I was approached by The Vicar, or maybe a curate. He sat down beside me and said he had seen me taking notes, and glancing at my papers, saw the outline of my Family Tree.  He asked me if I had ancestors who had married in this Church.  I told him about Henry & Jane, and that yes, theyhad been married in that Church in 1865. 
He then took me to a side chapel, and said "this is where they would have been standing when they made their vows to one another". It is hard to describe the feeling I had when I realised that I was standing in the very same place that my Great-grandparents had married. It was a very special moment!

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